My Mission with The Love Department

I am dedicated to helping you find the love that you are seeking. I know how it feels to be broken and alone, wishing that someone would see me for who I really was and love me completely. I’m here to help you discover your authentic self and attract who/what is meant for you. When you are authentic, it lights you up from the inside. That radiation becomes so irresistible and positively attracts everything you desire to you.

I want to help you with this simply because we are all worthy of love and acceptance.

I coach because…

I actually fell into coaching accidentally. 

The man that I believed I was going to marry unexpectedly passed away when I was 23. While I was piecing myself back together again, something else ignited in me. A flame for helping others began to burn within me. I became the shoulder to cry on for friends and family. I quickly learned that my greatest assets were my empathy and my innate ability to connect to others. I then made a decision to go all in on my coaching practice.

Once I knew I was going to be a coach, I needed to decide on what area of life I was going to coach others through. I dug to my core to find what was most important to me and the answer was actually quite simple; it was love. I have been obsessed with the pursuit of love since I was a child. I have spent countless hours pouring over books and blog posts (not to mention my own experience) all about finding love. I am now ready to impart the knowledge onto you. But in order for me to assist others with their love, I had to face the reality of my own love journey. I am a recovering codependent who has spent the last 10 years figuring out what healthy relationships look like. If you are tired of attracting people that ghost you, use you, and abuse you, let’s get started today.